meet the founder...

Marc Evans is a Business Coach, who has coached more than 1,000 clients one-on-one. Working with new and experienced small businesses for over 15 years.

Marc has worked with top marketers including Jeff Walker the creator of the Product Launch Formula® in operations, product, and business launches tripling revenues from 3 to 10MM.

**Led a team of over 400 workers at Mars Incorporated. Revenues over 50MM in personalized M&M Division.

**Managed operations of TGN networks at Tyco Telecommunications repeater construction. Tyco was the world's first vertically integrated global optical network supplier, capable of developing the technology and manufacturing the components, to designing, building, and maintaining systems.

Marc is the author of multiple business strategy books including: 

"The Expert Showcase Series" -How to build an email subscriber list, build partner relationships, and grow profits!

"Small Business Acceleration"-8 strategies to increase profits in 45 minutes.

"Digital Marketing Profits"-7 ways to instantly generate leads online.

"Small Business Financial Breakthrough Formula" -The easy way to discover 7 figures in 365 days.

Marc has saved clients thousands of hours of frustration by clearing roadblocks for their small businesses. Marc teaches his clients how to create a plan to grow their businesses because not having a plan means you have NO business.

Next, he helps them map out their step-by-step plan and EXECUTE right away.


Fun Facts about Marc.... 

Fun Fact: Proud Dad of twins.

Fun Fact: Started ZaZo Marketing Back in 2005 – ZaZo represents the names of my Twins, Zack and Zoe.

Fun Fact: The only person I know to graduate with a degree in business and actually used it for management positions for over 20 years.

Fun Fact: I was never a dog person and hate that
I LOVE my dog.

Fun Fact: Was a Real Estate Investor for 5 years with a business partner who created an online system to train newbie investors to find properties for investors. Built a list and trained over 3000 property locators. It was the start of my online marketing journey.

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