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Jeff Walker

Creator Of Product Launch Formula®

I've had the good fortune of knowing Marc since 2009, when he went through my Product Launch Manager training. Since then we've been working together pretty much the whole time, in one form or another.

I'm pretty sure Marc has coached more people than anyone I know, including me.

The thing is I trust him to coach my clients, if you know anything about me, that's like the highest compliment ever because I'm fanatical about my clients and taking care of them.

But the thing I want to tell you about Marc is if you don't know this already, is that I remember long ago hearing the saying walk softly and carry a big stick and it's something that I think applies to me because my whole Product Launch Formula is all about communicating and pulling someone in but still having that big stick of conversion if and when you need it.

I think the same thing about Marc he's soft spoken, he's wonderful to talk to, wonderful to work with. He's just a nice guy he's like your brother. Once you start to work with Marc you understand he carry's a big stick of knowing this material and being a fantastic coach and being great at product launches great at marketing and business building. So I don't know what capacity you're thinking about working with Marc but if you're considering Marc he has my unreserved endorsement and I think you should hire him before he raises his prices :)

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Martin Howey

TopLine Business Solutions

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Chris SD

The Songwriter Academy


Leanne Dorish

So I had, like this big wig interview and she invited me to put an abstract for her Alliance conference happening in Denver. She said, we absolutely need you to come and talk about being a trauma therapist and a NICU mom. My heart started beating really fast. And then she said, I want you to do a podcast for me. Wow.

I'm already out of my comfort zone, and it's life changing. My husband sees the change in me. My brother and his son are here now and he's like, What's going on with you?, you know, you're a lot happier. I just have energy. It's motivational. So thank you.

I had another interview and she and I are going to put together a mini course to start for NICU nurses and how to understand the trauma informed peace and compassion, for the parents and not just the babies.

At least I've got this drive to do it, accountability and this group where you hear my ideas and the awesomeness So, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Heidi Grayce Goodrich

I just tried for years, trying to find something to help me take action, just something.

I knew I just needed an email list. I knew I needed an audience because you have to have an audience to even sell anything right? So, I can't tell you how many products I've tried and purchased. That I was like, this is going to help me and then Nope, nope, nope.

And then Marc, you came along. And it was so great. It was like finally there's a system. Do this A then do this B And it's so simple. It's not over complicated. And it makes so much sense. I can do this easily, no problem and it was so organized and just, just simple.


Tracie Shroyer

"Marc, You were the beginning of a whole re-alignment I had to go through. You may wonder as a coach if what you do makes a difference I wanted you to know without a doubt it made a difference to me."


Kristal Presser Fiorentino

It's more than just building my list.
This built my confidence.

I teach mindset, and to know that I had mindset blocks was fascinating, because I teach people mindset and they pay me to teach them to get passed it.

I had huge mindset blocks around this, and I'm going to tell you this program will actually be a turning point in my business. Because there is already a huge energy shift from just this exercise of putting myself out there.

So I want you to know that this is going to do way more than build my list. This is actually going to change my business.

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